About Us

Easier hosting, Effortless earning

Welcome to Car Karlo - your one-stop destination for self-drive car rentals in India. We are a marketplace that connects car owners who want to make extra income by sharing their cars with verified users of Car Karlo.

Car Karlo is a tech enabled best self-drive car rental market place based in Pune. The platform enables the car owners to share their cars. Car owners can generate a passive income when the car is not in use by renting it out to verified commuters seeking it from a minimum 12 hours to a month long subscription model without the liability of buying and owning one.


Why book a Carkarlo?

Carkarlo provides you the best journey experience across the city. Carkarlo offers flexible  services for Self rental cars.

Pick your car from the wide range of cars and enjoy the unlimited Freedom!


At Car Karlo, we understand that owning a car comes with expenses that may not always outweigh usage. That's why we offer a convenient and safe platform for car owners to generate additional income by renting car when they are not in use. Our goal is to maximize the value and utility of cars in India for both owners and users.

Our platform is easy to use, and we provide car owners with a seamless process to list their vehicles for rent on our platform. We ensure that all our users go through a rigorous verification process that includes verifying their identity, driver's license, and other important information. This verification process guarantees the safety of car. We also provide our users with a great experience by offering them access to top-quality cars at affordable prices. Our rental process is easy, and we offer 24/7 customer support to ensure that the rental process is seamless.

At Car Karlo, we are committed to making car rental accessible, affordable, and convenient for everybody in India. Our mission is to create a vibrant community of car owners and users who can help build a better future in transport. Whether you are a car owner or a car renter, we are excited to have you as part of our community.

Thank you for choosing Car Karlo, where hassle free self-drive car rentals are a way of life.